Meeting Workspaces

Been a while but could not resist sharing this gem. Meeting workspaces has been around since SharePoint 2003/2007 and is a great way to integrate your day to day Office use with SharePoint (aptly named of course Office Server).

Now even though I have had some serious challenges with meeting workspaces especially when it comes to recurring meetings, they do offer some excellent functionality to organise the activities around a meeting.

In Office 2010 (Outlook) the menu to insert Meeting Workspace was disabled by default and you had to add it to your own custom menu to use it. Not too difficult but harder to explain to typical users.

Since upgrading to Office 2013 I have not used the feature again (trying to minimise on meetings) until a colleague of mine asked me where the option is. So I point him to the custom menu answer.

BUT…it’s not there, quick question to saint Google and I am offered a early Monday morning jaw dropper. MS decided to remove the feature, why…and I quote “The feature was not widely used”. <sarcasm>Must have been investigated by the same team that removed the Start button </sarcasm>

More info here: (read it quick, we all know how quick these MS links are not widely used and removed)

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