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Responsive Web Design

from R2250
Perfect for small business to add to their online presence
  • ECommerce Shop – R750


from R75
Super fast, secury and reliable hosting
  • 2Gb Disk Space

  • 2 Domains

  • 5 Email addresses

Domain Registration

from R99
Secure your domain name now

Google Ad Campaign

Manage and drive sales through Google Ad
  • Excluded ad costs

Facebook Ad Campaign

Manage and drive sales and exposure through Facebook Ads
  • Excluded ad costs

Logo Design

Get the perfect logo for your business

Bulk Email Campaign

Send bulk email campaign
  • 2000 recipients


About Us

Our solution caters for business owners that realize the importance of an online presence, but lack the know-how to implement and manage.

Some interesting facts and figures

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1,5 mill domains
147 mill
total domains
11 chars
avg name length
$ 35 mill
Most expensive domain
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