Windows 8

I recently reinstalled with the Windows 8 RTM version (including Office 2013 Preview, VS2013) and thought I would add some Windows 8 posts.

The Good:

– ISO images: No more need for those freeware image mounting applications….right-click and mount

– PDF: Getting closer and closer to not having anything Adobe on my PC. As before simple export to PDF from word, and can now open a PDF (as image) in Word, add some extra stuff and then save as docx or pdf

The Bad:

– SkyDrive, Windows App Store: These concepts are great and work well in a private capacity. But as soon as you are stuck behind a corporate proxy\firewall things just stop working. MS response: “At this time SkyDrive doesn’t support proxies that requires authentication”

The Ugly:

Not much, but that depends on who you talk to. New Microsoft logo I like and the Metro UI is awesome, but that’s just me!


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