Solution stuck on Deploying

Sometimes when deploying a feature or solution in Sharepoint 2010, either via Central Admin or Powershell script the deployment gets stuck on a “Deploying” state. Generally this is very hard to troubleshoot as it does not generate any errors in the event log or ULS. Restarting IIS or even the server does not work as Sharepoint is quite good at keeping the state of all the jobs within the environment.

Unfortunately this can be related to many things. However the most common one is related to the timer service (SPTimerV4.exe). To potentially fix the deploying problem try this:

  • Check the timer services in ALL your farm servers and ensure they are started
  • Restart the timer services in ALL your farm servers. A easy way to this is via a simple batch file. I put this file on my application server’s desktop for quick access and fix ups:

net stop SPTimerV4
sc \\server1web stop SPTimerV4
sc \\server2bi stop SPTimerV4

net start SPTimerV4
sc \\server1web start SPTimerV4
sc \\server2bi start SPTimerV4

This should fix most of the deployment problems. The only other options I have tried is to remove my BI server from the farm and re-add it. Sometimes the reporting components (SSRS, PowerPivot etc.) seem to affect the timer service.

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