Nintex DelegateAllTasks

Our environment runs a lot of Nintex 2016 Workflows, to ease support we separate each workflow solution’s history and tasks lists. For normal maintenance and finding issues works quite well. But as always there always pros and cons.

One of our senior executive recently resigned with immediate effect leaving quite a few outstanding tasks that had to be approved. Now typically our workflows will follow normal design and escalate\delegate based on the business rules.

However we received a request to re-assign all the tasks to a different users which is a big task if you have to go into each task list and delegate the task (so user can get the notification)

So Nintex has this great command called DelegateAllTasks (not so easy to find when Googling). The command reassigns and notifies all tasks for a specific user to another user.

The help file is not very “helpful” (see what I did there) when it comes to the syntax of the command line parameters i.e. some fields are string and use ” where some don’t as well as some y/yes/true/boolean fields. After some troubleshooting with Nintex Support I managed to get the format. Thought it might help some others

NWAdmin.exe -o DelegateAllTasks -currentUser “DOMAIN\Old.User” -newUser “DOMAIN\New.User” -siteUrl “” -comments “Delegating all tasks” -sendNotification true

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